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Builders Hampshire is dedicated to anyone who owns or is thinking about purchasing an old property that has a damp or traditional plastering problem. We have spent or entire working life resolving damp and plastering problems in properties to be able to let the property BREATH. Everything you need for a restoration can be found on this website, or an email to us.

Please do not be put off with the word restoration. We spent over thirty-five years restoring properties, from listed ones, manor houses, small stone castles and Victorian 2 up / 2 down townhouses. We can stop damp and water penetration in buildings without injecting wall with pointless chemicals, we find the cause of the damp first, then concentrate on repairing the damage. If you are looking for a professional natural damp surveyor, please do not hesitate and contact us.

We have two offices, so we can cover the south of England, from our office/workshop based in London, run by Bill and Jack (they are both experienced plasterers and professional surveyors) they have a crew of artisan craftsmen and women experience in plastering, bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing and a floating group of contractors that we can use for all eventualities. Please contact them at geoffguildford@gmail.com or info@buildershampshire.net for any inquiries concerning, building, natural damp survey, and traditional plastering needs.

Our second office/workshop is based in Hampshire we offer the same service, with a team of craftsmen and women dedicated to providing a professional service, we cover the bottom half of the south, down as far as Cornwall.

We conduct professional natural damp and building restoration surveys on any old house, whether Listed Grade 1, Grade 2 or Grade 3 or you might have a lovely Victorian townhouse etc. After a survey, we provide a 12-20-page report for you, explaining our findings and a plan to move forward.

Please visit our survey page for more details on the website for more information.

Please contact us using our email geoffguildford@gmail.com or info@buildershampshire.net

Geoff Guildford & Son® do not use any chemicals injections in resolving damp/ plastering problems, we do not have any faith in this method. We find the damp FIRST then we resolve the problem and leave you with a warm breathable property free of damp.

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With over 30 years of experience in working on both old and modern homes, Builders Hampshire offers highly trained staff and the best quality materials on all projects. We have a wide range of services and have been involved in many prestigious jobs.
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"Geoff and his team are very approachable and easy to work with; they listen to their customers. Anything that needed attention was dealt with quickly and with a positive ‘can do’ attitude."     
"I wanted to take a few minutes and extend my gratitude for your dedication through your services. I am amazed at how quickly you positioned together a furniture plan, paint plan and attained all the various components as we able to get these nearly within deadline     

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